Whitman Expo Recap + Haul

Whitman Expo Recap + Haul

It was a busy show at the Whitman Expo, which recently took place from the last week of March until the beginning of April. We mostly saw familiar faces, but we had the chance to meet some new dealers and retail customers too. While we always buy raw pre-1933 gold and silver dollars at shows, we were on a mission to buy many unique slabs. Based on the updated inventory that we have from the show, we think it’s safe to say that we were successful.

Without further ado, please enjoy our haul from the show!

1797 Heraldic Large Eagle NGC MS61 Draped Bust $10 – $60,250 https://imperialcoinexchange.com/shop/1797-heraldic-large-eagle-ngc-ms61-draped-bust-10-30007/. This coin is our most expensive purchase of the show! There are not many types of this specific coin left – in fact, it has a mintage of only 10,940 coins. It is the first of the precious metal coinage from the Philadelphia Mint. It is also the largest format gold coin of its time.

1856-S Double Eagle NGC MS65 SS Central America $20 – $43,775 https://imperialcoinexchange.com/shop/1856-s-double-eagle-ngc-ms65-ss-central-america-20-liberty-00003/ Curious as to why this coin is labeled “SS Central America”? That’s because it is one of the many coins that were found in a famous shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina.

1907 Saint Gaudens ICG MS63 $20 High Relief, Wire Rim – $20,600 https://imperialcoinexchange.com/shop/1907-saint-gaudens-icg-ms63-20-60201/ This coin is labeled as a High Relief, Wire Rim because the collar was not sufficiently tight and the pressure of the repeated blows forced metal up where the edge of the coin meets the collar to form a very thin wire rim. We also have a more expensive High Relief, Wire Rim coin available for sale right now – https://imperialcoinexchange.com/shop/1907-saint-gaudens-ngc-pf64-20-high-relief-wire-rim-19002/.

1866-S No Motto Gold Eagle NGC AU55 $10 – $24,725 https://imperialcoinexchange.com/shop/1866-s-no-motto-eagle-ngc-au55-10-liberty-47002/. This is not just your average $10 Liberty. This coin only has a mintage of 8,500 and NGC has only certified 8 coins in AU55 and only 5 in higher grades. In fact, the 1866-S No Motto Eagle is one of the rarest dates in the series.

Wholesale Inventory List

Want to see additional coins that we purchased at the show? Check out our April 6 wholesale inventory list to see all of the coins we have to offer at the best prices.

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