Welcome to Sell To Imperial Coin

Imperial Coin Exchange  is an antique specialist priding itself as one of the leading collectible coin wholesalers in the United States. We specialize in Morgan and Peace Dollars as well as better date, rare U.S. coins that offer an interesting story or exceptional eye appeal. Imperial Coin  was established in 2009 and we have been expanding our business every year since. This year we have decided to start a new project – “Sell To Imperial Coin”.  As a company, we offer great products with exceptional customer service. Now, we are dedicated to making the process of selling your precious metals to us as easy as possible. At Imperial Coin, we strive to ensure that every transaction is processed as smoothly as possible and that we build relationships that will last a lifetime.

The process is quick and easy. It starts with you filling out a quick form on our website to get a quote which you will receive within 24 business hours. After that, you can either accept or decline our offer and then simply ship us your precious metals. We included a video showing how to secure and pack your coins for a worry-free shipment. Last step is you getting paid– it is that easy! We want you to be fully informed about the whole process so we have included informational videos for your review. Here at Imperial Coin we want to make everything as transparent as possible so you can trust us without hesitation!

We keep our overhead low which allows us to keep our prices fair and competitive. At Imperial Coin we put trust as our number one value because we believe it is what long lasting relationships with clients are built on. With our years of experience, we are ready to provide you with top tier service and answer any of your questions. We do not want to overwhelm you with a long and difficult application process, we want the transaction to be smooth and easy, so you consider reaching out to us for future business.

We share all of our Dollar Buy information with CoinInfo because we are one of the market leaders in buying Morgan and Peace Dollars. You can click here to check out the most current dollar prices.


Feel free to look at our Sell To Us page located under About Us tab and reach out to us if you have any questions!


Imperial Coin Team