Employee Spotlight: Flavia Fijalkowska

Employee Spotlight:  Flavia Fijalkowska

Employee Spotlight: Flavia Fijalkowska

Employee Spotlight:  Flavia

Today we would like to shine our spotlight on Flavia Fijalkowska.  She started working for us about two years ago as an intern and started to learn the business as well as get her numismatic feet wet.  She was a real student of her work and learned very quickly.  When her internship was completed, we knew we had to have her on our team.

Flavia joined us full-time and started to find her best role at the company.  She started giving a much-appreciated personal touch to the business by selling directly to customers through social media.  Once she got to meet the customers and developed relationships, she realized her true calling.  Flavia has become the #1 seller in the Pre 1933 Raw Gold Facebook group that posts interesting coins and special deals.  She has earned the nickname “Mrs. Gold”.

When Flavia is not enjoying selling coins and making relationships with customers, she spends most of her time with her puppy Huayra.  She is an animal lover to all and it sure shows.  Sometimes Huayra comes and visits the office on “take your doggy to work” days, so many of you who know her most likely know Huayra.

Flavia specializes in Pre 1933 Raw Gold and going the extra mile and hand-selecting every Morgan Dollar and Peace dollar that her customers order.  She always has a knack for a good image and uses her communications skills to help customers every step of the way.  She has sold everything from painted $2.5 Indian Head Gold up to the beautiful High Relief Saint Gaudens.  There is no deal too big or too small for her to put together.

We know you will be happy with every transaction that she facilitates.  Let her source you any piece of inventory, rare or common and she will work hard to help you make that happen.

Follow her on Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/flavia.anderson.fijalkowska

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