We Buy In Bulk, You Save In Bulk

When we say we have silver dollars, we mean we have silver dollars.  We stock over 25,000 Silver Dollars at all times ranging from our Low Premium Cull Dollars all the way up to our Brilliantly Uncirculated Pre 1921 Morgan and Peace Dollars.  Imperial Coin Exchange not only is a leading market maker in US Gold, but we are one of the largest suppliers of Morgan and Peace dollars in the entire country.  This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider buying from Imperial Coin Exchange.

Best Value Silver Dollars

Buy buying in bulk and buying every type of Silver Dollar we are able to get the best price and consistency in our coins.  We have places to sell off every type of coin so we do not need to pay too much to just get one kind of Silver Dollar.  This accompanied by our low overhead allows us to pass on the value and savings to you.

Coins are ready to go at a moment’s notice

When you invest your money on precious metals you should be able to get your coins in a reasonable amount of time.  We want to make sure that we not only give you the best value silver dollar, but we also give you the best customer service.  Having thousands of silver dollar in stock makes that easier.  We work hard to get ever order out as quickly as possible, some even ship the same day if received before 3PM Eastern.  We always say we want a happy customer for life and we work hard to make that happen.

What we offer

We offer Silver Dollars for Sale in all grades.  Our Silver Dollars are offered in ever grade from common to better dated material.  If you are looking for Low Premium Silver Dollars then our Peace Culls1921 Morgan Culls or our Pre 1921 Morgan Dollar Culls are the perfect coins for your.


However if you are looking for coins with more of a true mint look and brilliantly uncirculated coin, then you would look no further than checking out our BU PeaceBU 1921 Morgans, or our Pre 1921 BU Morgans.  In between the Cull Dollars and the Brilliantly Uncirculated we offer Circulated Peace and Morgans and we also offer Almost Uncirculated Peace Dollars, as well as Morgans.

As always you may always Call (813) 963-2542 email [email protected] or find us on Social Media.


James Dauenheimer